In Memory of Mr. Richard Craig

Mr. Richard Ellis Craig, Sr. passed away on January 18, 2018.  Richard was a servant at heart and was involved in many areas of the community.  As Mayor of McDonough, a park was named after him for all his hard work and dedication. Mr. Craig had a huge heart, especially for those with special needs.  He worked hard to build a special needs playground and Sunshine League Field for many special needs families to use.  His son, Ricky Craig, is the founder of the annual Ricky Craig Walk a Thon held every July.  Mr. Craig, his wife Nancy, and all their  relatives never missed walking and collecting money for our annual Walk A Thon, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Mr. Craig loved People First of Henry County and supported us in every possible way. Even in his passing, he continues to support our organization.

In lieu of flowers, he requested that people show their condolences through monetary donations to People First. We are so grateful to Mr. Craig and his family and are praying for their peace in this difficult time. He will be missed.